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PRP Treatment

Nonsurgical treatments have much more demand among the aesthetic applications. Because, most persons are hesitative in the subjects of surgery and surgical process. PRP treatment is a process which makes the tissue and hue of the skin sleek, tight and improved. PRP treatment is also known as stem cell regeneration and it provides a healthier appearance to skin by increasing collagen production gradually. This nonsurgical and simple application is alternative to treatments such as laser and chemical peeling.

Thrombocytes are the most important components in order to renew and to revive your skin because of their repairing characteristics PRP treatment contains the increasing of thrombocyte number. In conclusion, when it is applied to dermis, this super rich thrombocyte plasma accelerates the collagen production for healthy and young appearance and it promotes recovery and rejuvenation.

In PRP application, your own blood is taken just like it is done in a simple blood test. This provides the extraction of stem cells from thrombocytes promoting the recovery and rejuvenation. Blood is subjected to centrifuge which shall separate plasma, red and white blood cells. After this process, created substance is applied to your skin. Since your own blood is used, PRP treatment does not cause allergy reactions and at the same time the issue for the body to react it does not occur.

Despite of the fact that some patients feel mild discomfort, process is considerably pain-free. When PRP substance is injected to application areas, stimulation is realized in the skin automatically and developments become more visible with the passing of time.