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Baby Face

Baby Face Thulium Laser Treatment provides excellent therapy for the problematic skins damaged by the sun. It cleans color deteriorations, brown stains and melisma on the skin. Tissue and skin clarity get better significantly.

A typical face neck treatment lasts about 30 minutes. After the treatment your skin shall have red appearance and then it shall recover during the second day. Skin starts to exfoliate (peel off) during third day. Treatment is fast and it does not need any cut or any cut at all. Thulium laser is excellent for face, neck, breast, arms, legs and back.

Baby face thulium laser treatment is effective for:

Thin lines and wrinkles: such as goosefeet and thin lines

Acne marks and stains

Pigmentation: it minimizes the appearance of age spots

Sun damage: it helps to heal skin damages

This treatment is a good solution for the ones who want complexions to look younger but do not want surgical therapy and have very busy social life.

Thulium Laser Treatment is a fractional therapy which produces thousands of deep little wounds on your skin called as microscopic therapy sections. The term of fractional means that only a percentage of the skin surface becomes affected from every passing of laser.

The method of treating the skin fractionally shortens the recovery period and supports the natural process so that new and health tissue becomes created to take place the damaged cells of the skin.