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Lip Filling

Lip Filling Treatment is one of the most popular aesthetic applications. Alongside of giving volume to the lips, it can also reduce the lines taking place on the sides of the lip and it can help you to have more fleshy lips. In order to assist us to explain you the process, we gathered some of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about Lip Filling.

What does Lip Filling do?

Lip Filling is a dermal filling treatment applied for the lips. It can add volume to thin lips, provides smooth lip shape and additionally it cores the scars.

What is the content of Lip Filling Substances?

Lip Filling Substances consist of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which naturally takes place in the skin. Hyaluronic Acid takes place in many beauty products and it has different kinds. Your doctor shall decide for the kind that shall be suitable for you.

Is Lip Filling Treatment safe?

Lip Filling is a cosmetic treatment and just like all medical processes, there is always the possibility for something to go wrong. However, it is a safe process when it is implemented by experienced and qualified doctors.

Does Lip Fill inflict pain?

Lip Filling treatment does not inflict pain. However, the level of discomfort shall depend on your doctor’s technic and your pain tolerance.

How Lip Filling Process is done?

Lip Filling is among injectable treatments. Lips are numbed before the process and then the filling is done under the skin with the aid of thin needles. Process lasts for 20 minutes. Swelling generally occurs after the treatment but it is temporary.

How long shall its effect last?

Permanence of Lip Filling shall last at last 6 months. However, in reality the possibility of having lip filling treatments last more than 12 months is not low.