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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a method preferred in order to get rid of the unwanted hair on the body. A concentrated light beam (laser light) is used in order to eliminate hair follicles.

Laser light is directed to hair follicles (to little pouches where hair grow) and these pigments suck the light. Light energy is transformed to heat and this destroys or damages hair follicles. After the cleaning process with laser, bristles do not appear again for a long period of time due to damage given to hair follicles. Laser beams operate by aiming the color (melanin) in hair follicles and for this reason Laser Hair Removal is most effective on light complexions having black hair.

Lasers can be used in order to eliminate bristles in most parts of the body. However, most preferred areas are back, legs, arms, breast, face and bikini section.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

When compared with other epilation methods, Laser Hair Removal especially has many benefits:

Laser Hair Removal is very fast, but elapsed time basically depends on the dimension of aimed area.

Results show their effect for a long time. Bristles damaged efficiently with laser do not appear again during a few months or year. When they come out again, bristles are thinner and they are not visible as before. In some cases, bristles disappear permanently and they do not come back again.

Color contras between the bristle follicle and your skin permits laser to aim at the bristle roots. With this in mind, is you have darker skin color, some laser types shall be safer and more suitable for you. You can have information from the related specialist doctor for the other types of Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal and Preparation

If you have decided to have Laser Hair Removal, there are few things you must stay away.

Avoid from getting suntan. You must protest your skin every day with sun protector.

If possible, before and after the process, do not be exposed to sunlight for at least six weeks and one month.

Do not use other bristle extraction methods at least one month before from the date of planning your process.

How to do Laser Hair Removal?

One day before the process, the bristles taking place in the section of application must be shaved. Skin section is cleaned during the process and especially if the targeted sections belong to sensitive parts, anesthetic gel can be applied. If anesthetic gel is applied, you must wait for 30 minutes for the gel to have its effect.

During Laser Hair Removal process, everyone must have safety goggles. Dermatologist holds the laser to your skin and starts the treatment. By depending on the type of laser used, dermatologist may use a special cooling material or machine in order to protect your skin and to reduce the possibility for the occurrence of side effects.

If aimed area is small like the chin section, you may wait to have the completion of the process within a few minutes.           If the application area is a wide one like your back, you may expect to have the completion of the operation in approximately one hour or more.

After your process is completed, your skin shall probably be reddish and puffy and it shall even have dull ache. Ice packages and anti-inflammatory creams can be used right after the process.